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Currently Kulev Farm offers its clients in Bulgaria fresh cooled meat from own East Balkan pigs, delivered via refrigerated transport provided by Kulev Farm.


The min delivery amount is meat of half pig, skinned, with fat removed. The halves are symmetrical, a left and a right one, and comprise meat from the neck, shoulder, filet and bon filet, ribs, back leg, knuckles – front and back. Meat can be delivered either cut-up or uncut-up, either on the bone or deboned, as the client would wish.


From a live 90-110 kg pig, the meat on the bone (with fat removed) is 35-45 kg of weight. Therefore, a half pig on the bone weighs 17-23 kg.

In case of deboned meat (with only rib bones and knuckles left upon delivery), there are a total of 25-36 kg left (meat from a half pig deboned is 12-18 kg). Upon an explicit request, sub-products can also be delivered – liver, lungs, heart, kidneys or spleen (as a set of all the listed ones or just a selection of them).


In the standard version of cutting up, the meat is delivered according to the request, on the bone or deboned, in cuts of 2-3 kg each, separated and indicated according to the meat type – for example, neck, leg (front), fillet, ribs, shoulder (back), knuckles – that are ready for freezer storage.


The animals are slaughtered in a pig slaughterhouse in the town of Veliki Preslav, which is specially authorized and licensed for slaughtering pigs of this breed. Meat is examined for trichinosis in a Test laboratory at the Regional Directorate for Food Safety in Shumen. Every slaughtered animal travels with a copy of the pertaining laboratory investigations.


Kulev Farm issues invoices on behalf of the Registered Agricultural Producer Kulyo Kulev with no VAT.


If you'd like to receive information about oure planned deliveries, please give us your e-mail:







With a view of complying with the regulations for taking the necessary laboratory samples of meat delivered, please send us your requests at least 7 days before the desired date of delivery.


Regarding any future dates of delivery and current prices, please, follow Kulev Farm in Facebook or subscribe to the list of our mailing list above, in order to receive information updates via email.




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