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Kulev Farm offers also live animals of all age groups all the year round. At your desire, a special herd could be set apart for you, which you could breed independently.


For more information about live animals, please, contact us directly by the below contacts


Currently the East Balkan swine is included in the official Bulgarian List of rare breeds endangered to extinction and therefore breeding thereof is subsidized. Its breeding is regulated by Ordinance No.6 of 2007, issued by the Minister of Agriculture and Foods, about the conditions and order of pasture breeding of pigs of the East Balkan breed and its crosbreeds, where you can also find the 13 municipalities of Bulgaria, where it can be pasture-bred.


If you love nature and animals, and if you’d like to deal with sustainable agriculture, probably this unique kind of animal is also your vocation. This kind of animal is tenacious and patient enough, in order to teach you to be a farmer. What is more, Kulyo Kulev will always be happy to help whatever he could with, at least with advices and tips.




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